• Adorably cute crying babies! See if you can pass the test and not cry!

    Disclaimer: No babies were hurt during to filming of this video.

    Look, I know it’s wrooooong feeding our craving for cute babies thru this. But how can you not watch those adorable eyes tear up while they're biting their lips? I don’t know why it’s cute and adorbs. I can’t figure it out myself. I mean, I have a baby nephew who also cries in the...
  • Frightening creatures caught living within our tunnels

    Those creepy eyes! Now I keep imagining them whenever I’m in a dark room! | If you put the video in slow-mo, you'll see something...

    Why is it when you enter a dark room you always feel like someone is watching you? And why is it when you go in a cave or a tunnel, that feeling amplifies by 10x! Then you tell your friends and none of them believe you. Even though they felt the same thing. Well, in...
  • These ghosts and paranormal creatures have been seen all over Canada

    Caution - the first one you’ll see might haunt you. Tread lightly.

    It’s no secret to us that our country is filled with mysterious paranormal activities. Hence this video getting a lot of attention and was recently getting popular in Canada. The first one is from a place where tens of thousands of soldiers from recent battles were wounded and crippled and it’s here where what’s believe...
  • Woman surrounded by cheetahs! See what she did to survive!

    That moment when they circled around her was intense!

    Cheetahs are considered to be the fastest animals in the world. So when they chase you to hunt you down, you better think of something else to survive an attack because outrunning them won’t do. That’s why the video below was declared one of the best videos ever on wildlife according to animal lovers. The...
  • Canadian Makes Thousands of Dollars Smuggling Water into the U.S.

    "She fills plastic bottles with fresh Canadian waters to sell it in the United States."

    On a beautiful Saturday morning, most of us will take our time to cherish the weekend. But not Cindy, because she’s busy stealing water from Canada and smuggles it within US borders. What’s the difference between water from Canada and from the US you might ask? Streams of water that’s been there for hundreds, maybe...
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  • This dog stole my skateboard and took it for a ride!

    “I ended up filming this thief riding my skateboard!”

    Gear up for the ultimate dog skateboarding compilation! The first one is a clip of my dog stealing my own skateboard from me! Sick! I guess he enjoyed skating so much that he couldn’t just watch from the sidelines. The other clips are from other friends I’ve met online who also taught their dogs how...
  • People from Canada were alarmed to see this happen!

    “Happened within our backyard and tore our wall off!”

    Nature always finds a way to make us seem insignificant. One shift of power like a hurricane or an avalanche instantly makes us irrelevant on earth’s surface. But should we blame nature for this? Or is it us that should be blamed? Are our choices as a species causing these natural disasters? If we can...
  • When horses run wild … and make gut-exploding moments

    He tore through that girl’s blouse! I'm dying!

    Ever seen a horse play the piano? How about ones that let themselves (and their fellow animals) out of their stables and cause chaos for their owners? There’s one that even has a dream of becoming a circus act write at 02:30! This is a compilation of the best funny horse moments you’ll find around...
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