A WOMAN who walked out in tears after watching her boyfriend cheating on her with a blonde bikini model hooked up with her BEST FRIEND just moments later.

Girlfriend Becky's best friend Terrell asked YouTubers To Catch a Cheater to set up a scenario with her boyfriend in the hope of finding out once and for all if he would cheat on her with a stranger.

"Her boyfriend is a douche bag," says Terrell when asked why he set up this meeting, and pointing to the actress on screen added: "Look at that, he's definitely not going to pass."

The YouTube team hired actress Sophia Katarina Kraak to play a model waiting for her photographer in the hope of catching the eye of Becky's boyfriend, who had headed to LA for lunch.

Wearing just a blue bikini and bum bag, the actress sits down on the bench next to the boy, and the pair immediately strike up conversation, something Becky defends as him "just being nice".

But when the topic of going out drinking comes up, the boyfriend offers to take Sophia, who is only 18, back to "his place", saying: "We could drink at my place – I don't ID. Let me grab your number."

She hands over her Instagram for him to have a look at. "Oh my god! Fully naked in this one," he says as they sit closer and closer together on the bench.

And when he compliments her figure, the model gets up and shakes her bum at him as he ogles her from behind. "Not bad," he adds.

After asking for him to put some lotion on her back, to which he quickly agrees, the actress adds: "Your hands are strong. Oh, it feels so good – like a free massage."

As a tearful Becky watches the footage, the model goes on to ask: "Do you have a girlfriend?", but her boyfriend lies, saying: "No, not right now".

"I've had girlfriends but I don't right now," he adds. "Not really looking for a girlfriend right now, that's all."

Unable to watch anymore, Becky storms out, heading outside in a flood of tears and quickly followed by Terrell, who attempts to comfort her.

And just moments later the best friends are closely nuzzling in each others arms, leaning in for a kiss still in view of the Catch a Cheater camera crew.

"Are you seeing this?" says shocked camera man Luis. "That little devil, dude – whoa!"

Meanwhile, Becky's boyfriend offers to buy model Sophia a churro while they wait for her imaginary photographer – "I could buy it for you, I got plenty of money to buy you a churro," he says.

"You're so sweet, I wish more guys were like you," says the actress, placing her hand on the boyfriends shoulder.

"My ex-boyfriend was a real jerk, he used to spank me," she adds, with the boyfriend adding: "You're misbehaving or what? Naughty?"

With a text to signal the arrival of the fake photographer, the two part ways – but not before the boyfriend ensures he has her number and giving her a kiss on the cheek.



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